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What is BO ID & its Use in Zerodha


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The BO ID stands for Beneficiary Owner Identification Number which is 16 digits unique long number which primarily used to identify a specific person’s Damat account. The number can be found in your Demat account statement or the profile section of the brokers trading website or mobile app.

In Zerodha you can find your BO ID easily by following simple steps just Login to Console > Account > Demat.

Source: zerodha.com

Use of BO ID in Zerodha

  • The Demat ID is used for IPO applications and CDSL TPIN authorization.
  • The 8-digit number under the BO ID heading is to be used while registering for CDSL Easiest.
  • To generate your CDSL TPIN by entering the 16-digit BO ID.

Example of CDSL BO ID

Sample BO ID (Demat account number) is 1111111122222222. In this 11111111 is Zerodha’s DP id and 22222222 is the customer Demat account number.

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