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20 Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel? This Is The Most Obvious Question People Ask. If You Want To Be Famous And Make Your Digital Career In 2022, YouTube Is The Best Platform To Kick Start Your Career. But Growing Your YouTube Audience Is Not That Easy. So Let’s Talk About How To Grow Your YouTube Channel.

Hello Reader! I Am Siddhant And In This Article, We Will Discuss The Tips To Grow Your Audience On YouTube And Get Success In Your Digital Career.

So Are You People Making Awesome Videos And Not Getting That Much Popularity? Then You Are At Right Post That Will Help You Get The Popularity That You Deserve. So Why Waste Time? Let’s Get To The Tips.

Basic Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

1. Keyword Research

The Most Important And Basic Tips To Get More Subscriber And Views Is To Do Some Keyword Research And Find The Ideal Topic For You. Most Of The People Know The Importance Of Keyword Research In Blogging But It Also Plays An Important Role In The Growth Of Your YouTube Channel.

You Should Search For Your Topic On The Keyword Planner Tool And Select The Higher Searching Keyword For Your Videos. It Will Help You To Get The Better Rank In the Search Engines And Obviously More People Will Reach Your Video.

2. Make Videos Around Single Topic To Get More Subscribers On Your Channel

Making Videos Around A Specific And Single Topic Will Let Your Viewers Understand What Your Channel Is All About. So Try To Make Your Videos Related To The Same Category.

For Example, If You Are Featuring The Fashion Videos, Don’t Mess Them All With Technology Related Videos Or News Videos And Anything Like That. Be Careful.

3. Consistency Will Increase Your Views.

I Think You Also Know The Power Of Being Consistent If You Want To Gain More Viewers And Subscribers. Right? Consistency Create A Positive Image In Your Viewers Sight. Everyone Wants To Subscribe And Watch More From Such A Channel Who Is Consistent And Uploading Videos Frequently. So This Is Must Follow Tip.

4. Optimize Your Title And Description

Optimization Of Your Video Title And Description Will Help You To Rank In The Search results On Google And Also On YouTube. Higher The Rank Your Video Get The Higher Views It Gets. So Optimize The Title And Description Of Your Video.

Use Your Keyword In The Title As Well As In The Description Of Your Video. The Title Will Help You Describe The Main Moto Of Your Video And the Description Will Let You Describe The Overview Of Your Video. So Use It To Get More Views On Your Video.

5. Catchy Thumbnail Is The First Impression More Views

catchy thumb
Catchy Thumbnail

First Of All, When Your Viewers Notice Your Video, They Are Getting Attracted To Your Awesome And Descriptive Thumbnail. So You Need To Make Your Thumbnail Catchy And Informative Which Should Present The Topic Of Your Video. [You Can Use Tools Like Canva.Com]

6. Checking Out Other Channels Of Your Niche Will Help You To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Checking Out The Other Channels Of Your Niche To Get The Idea That What Others Are Uploading On Their Channel And If You Can Do That Better Than Them Just Do It. Getting Idea Is Not Bad For Your Health Or Even For Your Channel. So You Can Get The Idea Of The Topic That You Should Cover.

Another Advantage Of Getting Interacted With Other Channel Is That You Can Analyze The Response Of Their Audience/Viewers. Also, Read All The Comments On That Video And Find The Question That Their Viewers Want To Be Clear In. And Cover All That Question In Your Video.

This Tip Will Help To Get Pre-Built Viewers For That Video Because They Already Have The Question And You Are Covering All That Question In Your Video.

7. Market Your Video To Grow Your YouTube Channel

No One Gonna Know Your YouTube Channel Existing Without Sharing Your Channel With Them. You Already Know That. So Here is This Tip Has The Importance That You Should Market Your Video To Get More Views On Your Videos.

And Once They Started Watching Your Video Then You Have A Great Opportunity To Impress Them To Watch The Whole Video As Well As More Videos Of Your Channel. They Might Also Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel To Get More From You.

8. Be Social To Get More Subscribers

If We Talk About Social Media, What Images Or Icons Will Flash In Your Mind? That Might Be Of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Or WhatsApp, And Many More Like That. But What About YouTube? Isn’t It A Social Media? Of Course, It Is. So Be Social With Your Audience And Interact With Them In Responding To The Comments.

Reply All The Comments You Are Getting On Your Videos. Also, Try To Engage Them With Your Comment And Reply. And We Will See How To Keep Your Viewers More Engaged With Your YouTube Videos?

9. Engage Your Viewers With Your Video.

YouTube Is All About The Watch Time Which Means How Much Time You Keep Your Viewers Around Your Channel And Videos. So Becoming Social With Your Audience Or Subscriber Will Create A Better Connection Between You And Them.

Along With Getting Into The Strong Interaction, Also Try To Keep Your Viewers Engaged With Your Videos. Try To Reply to All Th Comments You Receive And Reply to Them With The Solution And A Simple Question. That Will Encourage Them To Come Back And Answer The Asked Question.

10. Try To Upload Your Video At The Same Time Of The Day


When You Fix A Time To Upload Your Video At The Same Time Every Day, Your Subscriber Might Wait At That Time For Your Video And You Will Get The Higher Response In Less Time Just After Uploading The Video. So You Should Choose The Ideal Time For Your Viewers To Upload Your Video, and try to be consistent.

You Can Get The Better Idea Of the Ideal Time For Your Viewers By Analyzing The Analytics Of Your Channel. Check The Time When Your Videos Gets Higher Views And Try To Upload The Videos At That Time.

These Above Tips Are Basic Tips To Get Higher Subscriber And Increase Your Views. Now Let’s Talk About Some Advance Tips That Will Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel.

Advance Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

11. Keep Your Title Up To 50 Characters

As I mentioned The Tip #4, You Must Have an Optimized Title And Description. So Keep In Mind That Doesn’t Exceed The Character Limit Of The Title by More Than 50 Characters And Also Keeps Your Keyword In The Starting Of The Title. Add Your Keyword In The Description At Least 2 Times.

12. Ask Your Viewers To Subscribe And Like Your Video

Asking Your Viewers To Like And Subscribe to Your Channel Has a 90% Chance That They Will Subscribe To Your Channel And Also Like Your Video. So Why Shouldn’t Ask For Subscribe? Request Your Viewers To Do The Same.

13. Use YouTube Annotation To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Use Annotations In Your Videos And Encourage Your Viewers To Stay Longer On Your Videos And Watch One More Video From You. Also, Use YouTube Cards To Show Your Other Videos And Recommend Them To Watch That Video. This Will Let You Engage Your Viewers With Your Channel.

14. Don’t Make The Marvel Movies Type Videos

Keeping Your Videos Short Will Increase The Chance Of Getting Lots Of Views. As You To Have The Idea That People Don’t Have Time To Waste Their Time In Useless Stuff. So Try To Make Your Video Straight To The Point Don’t Add The Useless Parts Of Your Video. Read Again This Tip If You Didn’t Get That.

15. Reform And Keep Your Old Content Updated

You Should Also Keep Your Videos And Content Updated According To Time. If Your Channel Is Providing The Stuff Related To Some Data That Might Change After Sometimes, At That Time You Should Make Another Video On The Same Topic To Update The Data Of That Video. You Can Also Pin The Updated Data In Your Comment Section Of the Video.

16. Organizing Your Videos Will Get More Subscribers

code with harry playlist

Organize Your YouTube Channel Such That Your Viewers Can Get Through Your Channel Easily. You Can Use Playlists To Categorize Your Multiple Videos In A Single Playlist. For Example, If You Are Uploading Multi-Topic Videos On Your Channel, Please Organize Your YouTube Channel For Your Viewers’ Ease.

17. Cover Evergreen Content As Well As Trending Topics To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Making Trending Videos Will Get You The Lots Of Views But Making The Evergreen Videos, Will Let Your Viewers Stick With Your Channel. They Might Subscribe to Your Channel Because You Are Uploading A Video Which Can Be Helpful For Them Again And Again. But Trending Topics Will Let You Get More Views On Your Videos.

This Is The Way You Can Use To Balance Your YouTube Channel In All Perspectives. Another Advantage Is That They Might Check Other Videos Of Your Channel And After Getting The Evergreen Content They Will Definitely Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel.

18. Use YouTube Stories To Get More Subscribers

Have You Ever Thought, Why YouTube Got Stories Update Service? That’s For You Guys Who Can Make A Better And Strong Connection To Get In Touch With Your Subscribers And Viewers. You Can Use It To Upload Trailer Type Videos Of Your Upcoming Videos. That Will Make Your Viewers Curious About Your New Video.

19. Don’t Manipulate Your Audience To Grow Your YouTube Channel

You Are Making Videos For Your Viewers And Your Followers. Right? Of Course. Most Of The YouTubers Are Manipulating Their Viewers By Using Some Attractive Thumbnail That Is Totally Different From The Content Inside. So Here Is The Notable Point, Don’t Manipulate Your Viewers They Hate It.

20. Collaboration Will Take Your YouTube Channel To The Next Level

Collaboration With Other Famous Youtubers Will Help You A Lot To Introduce Yourself To The Audience Other Than Your Own Channel. It Will Help You To Get More Reach As A YouTuber On Their Channel. It Might Happen That Their Audience Is Interested In Your Content Too And They Might Subscribe to Your Channel.

These Were The Advanced Tips To Get More Reach, Engagement, Views, And Subscribers. Follow These Tips To Take Your YouTube Channel Up To The Next Level. That Was Enough Tips. Right? But Keep In Mind That There Is Always Extra For You Here At Shirasta.in. So Let’s Have A Look At Bonus Tips To Grow Your Youtube Channel.

Bonus For Your YouTube Growth

After Trying All The Above Tips, Also Try These Tips To Get Higher Results For Your YouTube Growth. Here Is All You Have To Follow.

  1. Transcribe Your Video: To Make It Understandable For The Whole World, Try To Transcribe Your Video In Multiple Languages. You Can Use Subtitles Or Captions To Do The Same.
  2. Email Marketing: Most Probably You May Know That Email Marketing Is The Another Best Way To Get Targeted Visitors For Your Blog Or Website. But It is Also Helpful For Your YouTube Videos To Get The Gio-Targeted Viewers For Your Videos.
  3. Make A Blog: If You Have Decided To Make Your Digital Career, Why To Be Dependent On The Single Platform? You Should Use Multiple Platform To Get The Better Results. There Are Huge Benefits Of Promoting Your Video On Your Blog. If You Want To Know That In Detail, Please Let Me Know In The Comment Of This Post.
  4. Embed Your Video On Your Blog Post: Embedding Your Video On Your Blog Post Will Help You Get The Visitors To Blog As Well As Youtube Videos At The Same Time.
  5. Promote Your Blog More Than Videos: When You Promote Your Blog You Are Getting Doubled the Benefit Of Your Hard Work. You Will Be Able To Generate Double Revenue For Your Content. Ads On The Blog Post As Well As On The YouTube Videos At The Same Time.
  6. Make Intros Of Less Than 8 Seconds: Making Longer Intros Will Irritate Your Viewers And They Might Skip To The Another Video. You Shouldn’t Let This Happen. So Make A Shorter Intro Video.
  7. Make The Topic Clear In The First Minute: Let Your Viewers Be Clarified About The Topic You Gonna Cover In The Individual Videos. This Will Help You Rank Better In The Search Result. Yes, You Heard It Right.
  8. Cross Promotion: Make A Short Video Of Your Complete Video And Upload It On Your Facebook Pages Or Your Timeline. You Can Also Post The Short Videos On Your Instagram. Ask Your Facebook Followers As Well As Instagram Followers To Watch The Full Video On Your YouTube Channel.
  9. Create Suspense: You Can Create Suspense Using Bonus Tip 8. Create A Video Without To The Point Information Which Can Make Them Excited To Watch The Full Video On Your Channel.
  10. Use Longtail Keywords: Using LongTail Keywords Will Help You Get A Better Rank In Search Results. Higher The Rank, Higher The Viewers. So Find Your LongTail Keyword.

So Guys! That’s It For Now. I Have Done This Hard Work Just For So Please Do Share This Article With Your Friends. And Also Let Me Know In The Comment Section Did You Liked These Tips?

These Were The Tips On How To Grow Your YouTube Channel And Get 10000s Of Views And Subscribers. So, Please Share This Tips With Your Friends And Help Them Make Their Youtube Channel Successful. Thanks For Reading.

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