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How To Limit App Permission? Protect Your Privacy

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How To Limit The App Permission? Have You Ever Noticed, Multiple Applications Are Stealing Your Information With Your Permission? Is there any other way, To Limit the App Permission Of These Applications?

Most Of The Application Ask For The Permissions To Access Your Camera, Microphone, Location, Etc. And You Accept All That Because You Don’t Have Time To Read All That Permission. After You Allow Them To Access Your Camera, Microphone, Gallery, Etc, They Start Stealing Your Personal Information.

Hello Readers! I Am Siddhant And Welcome To Techshadow Blog To Learn The Technical World. So Let’s Talk About The App Permission And How They Affect Your Privacy? So Without Wasting The Valuable Time, Let’s Start.

App Permissions

Whenever You Download The Application For Your App Store (iPhone) Or PlayStore (Android), They Ask You For Permissions To Control Your Device In Various Ways. And You Allow All The Permissions Without Reading It.

What Does The App Permission Do?

Before Stopping Or Limiting The Application Permission, Let’s Have A Look At What The App Permission Does? Well, These Permits Are Used In Two Ways One Is For Giving You Better Service And Another Is For Exploiting Your Personal Information Once They Have Access To Your Personal Data They Will/Can Sell All That Info To Generate Huge Money.

What’s The Problem?

You Might Think, What Is Wrong With This If They Take Permission From Us To Access Or Control Our Device? Let’s Be More Clear About It. When You Give Or Accept These Permissions, They Can Start Accessing Your Camera, Gallery, Microphone, Current Location, Email Inbox, Turn On Data Connection Or WiFi Connections, And Many More. And You Are Smart Enough To Know That, This Info Can Be Sold Out To Others.

It Means This Will Not Be Limited To Those, Whom We Are Giving The Permissions To. It Will Or May Be Distributed And Can Be Used By Many.

Now You Have The Clear Image Of That Simple Permits And I Don’t Think You Want To Hand-Over All These Personal Data Into Their Hand. So What Can Or Should We Do?

What Should We Do Now?

Most Likely, Once You Leaked Your Data To These Privacy Thieves, They’ll Keep It Forever. But There Still Have A Chance To Minimize The Theft. And For This, You Can Use The Limitation In App Permission They Want Because Most Of The Applications Are Asking For Those Permissions That They Actually Don’t Need.

Here, I Would Like To Call The Name Of The Most Used And World Famous Application That Is Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite Asking The User For Those Permissions That They Can’t Use To Give The User A Better Experience. Facebook Lite Need A Total Of 11 Permissions While Facebook App Needs Only 9. And You Know Lite Is Minimal Version Of Facebook App.

So It’s Crystal Clear That, They Are Asking for These Permissions For Their Own Benefits. And Their Need Is Our Privacy.

How To Limit Or Control The App Permission?

To Protect Our Privacy, We Must Take Some Simple Action. Just Limit The Permissions For The Individual Applications And Secure Yourself From Privacy Theft.

Follow These Steps To Limit The Permits Of Applications On Android devices:

  1. Open The Settings In Your Smartphone.
  2. Under The Personal Tab, Look For Security.
  3. Look For The Option As App Permissions.
  4. Click It To Get To Another Screen.
  5. Click On The Radio Button On The Right Corner Of Your Screen.
  6. Now Various Permissions Will Appear In First Tab And Applications Which Need Permissions In Second Tab.
  7. In Permissions Tab You Can Control The Applications Which Should Access The Individual Permissions.
  8. In Apps Tab, You Can Control The Permissions Which Should Allow For The Individual Applications.
  9. Optimize The Permissions By Your Own That You Think Might Help You In Any Way.
  10. There Is Three Level Of Security For Privacy In App Permissions.
  11. First Will Always Allow The App Permission. The Second Will Always Ask For Permission Without Accessing. And The Third Will Always Deny The Permissions.
  12. If You Think Any Permission Is Useless, Make Sure You Keep It On Always Deny.

The Advantage For Android Pie Users. Android Pie Already Has The Limitation Over The Useless App Permissions And Android 9.0 Will Deny All The Permissions After Closing The Application. Read The Full Article On The Benefits Of Android Pie.

So Guys This Was My Post On How To Limit App Permission? Hope You Liked It. Please Help Your Friends To Protect Their Privacy. Share This Post With Your Good Friends Who You Are Care About. Thanks For Reading.

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