Jazz Smart Sms Service Activation And Deactivation

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Jazz is a mobile network operator in Pakistan that offers various services, including SMS (Short Message Service) for sending and receiving text messages. With the Jazz smart SMS service, users can send text messages to any number, regardless of whether or not the recipient is on the Jazz network.

Users can access the Jazz smart SMS service by sending a text message to a specific number or by using a USSD code on their mobile phones. The service can also be accessed through the JazzCall and JazzWorld mobile apps.

With the Jazz smart SMS service, users can also send bulk SMS messages to multiple recipients at once, which can be useful for businesses or organizations. Additionally, users can schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date and time, and can also receive delivery reports for the messages they send.

Jazz Guarantee your SMS for a longer period of time with Jazz Smart SMS. Jazz Smart SMS ensures delivery of your SMS to receiving party even if the number is powered off or not on the network for an extended period of time.

Jazz Charges

PAG Variant

  • Rs.0.60+tax per opt-in

Weekly Variant

  • Rs. 3.93/week (incl. tax) (Prepaid)

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Jazz Smart Sms Service Activation And Deactivation

To Block/Deactivate Smart SMS ServiceSend Sub to 6070 dial *6070#
To Unblock/Activate Smart SMS ServiceSend “Unsub” to 6070

To check the latest service and features you can check the official website of jazz or contact their customer care service.


How to send Smart SMS as a subscriber?

To send a smart SMS you have an ad prefix for example 66 before the recipient number while sending an SMS that’s it.

How can I subscribe to this Smart SMS service?

You can subscribe Smart SMS service by sending ‘Sub’ to 6070 or dialing *6070#.

What is the use of Smart SMS Service?

Even if your desired number is not available on a network for as long as 30 days, jazz can guarantee your SMS to any Jazz number by subscribing to this service.

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