How to Download Your BSNL Salary Slip in the HRMS


BSNL employees and retired employees can log in to the Employee Self-Service Portal of BSNL to find out their salary details and other information regarding their BSNL service in the HRMS (Human Resource Management System). Also, they can download their salary slip from this portal as well.

If you are looking to check or download your BSNL salary slip, you have come to the right place.

Here, we will guide you to view your current salary slip and also download it in PDF format. Which you can keep on your computer or mobile device and use as proof of employment when applying for work visas or other official documents or processes that require proof of employment.

What is BSNL Salary Slip?

BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is an Indian state-owned telecommunications company. It has a huge number of employees. While working, they should be able to check their salary slip.

BSNL Salary Slip is a document that contains information about your salary, allowances, and other benefits.

This is an important document for employees of BSNL who wish to know their salaries and other monetary benefits. One can easily get this by visiting the HRMS login portal which has a link to download the BSNL salary slip on its left sidebar.

Clicking on it will open up the PDF form containing all data pertaining to one’s current salary, deductions, and other benefits including leave encashment calculations and year-wise details of monthly payments. But how to download the Salary Slip of BSNL?

How to Download Your BSNL Salary Slip in the HRMS Login

Print or Download BSNL Payslip in only 1 moment. Simply download or print the expected BSNL Pay Slip on the web and really take a look at the compensation/personal tax subtleties of the functioning representative for the old or current month-to-month pay and deductions.

To download your salary slip, you will need to log into your employee portal. You can access this by:

  • Clicking on the HRMS Login link I.e on the left-hand menu bar, and then input your username and password when prompted.
  • Once you are logged in, click on Forms.
  • From there, select the Salary Slips tab.
  • Select any of the year options (2017, 2018, or 2019) for a list of available slips for that year.
  • Click on any of these links to view and download them. For example: If you are looking for your 2018 salary slip, click on 2018. A page with different forms will be displayed.
  • Find the one with the heading ‘Salary Slip’. It is a PDF document with information about your income, deductions, and payments from last year.

What else?

Pay Slip is the actual proof for a BSNL delegate in the association, showing the wages (Essential Compensation, IDA, etc), deductions towards credits, EPF/GPF and a few different enrollments, Gross remuneration, and Net pay of the worker for the continuous month.

Continuing above, The document has two pages – one showing all of your payment details from last year, and another showing all of your payment details from last year.

On this form, scroll down until you find an area called ‘Employer Paid Deductions’. These deductions include contributions towards provident fund schemes for employees and pension plans for employees.

If you have made any voluntary contributions to either of these funds, they will also show up here.

Some employers might also make additional deductions from their employees’ salaries, such as insurance premiums and life insurance premiums paid on behalf of the employee.

These are not deducted automatically, so check with your employer if you want to know how much is being deducted for this purpose.

Next, find the area where it says ‘Pension Details‘. In the Pension Details box under Employer Contributions, you will see how much was contributed to your pension scheme over the last year.

You will notice that some companies contribute more than others; if your company contributes more than 10% of what you earn in a year towards your retirement savings, it could help lower your tax bill.


If you are a BSNL employee and want a copy of your payslip, then follow these steps:

  • Log on to the BSNL website and click on HRMS.
  • Click on Personnel and scroll down until you see Payslip Requirement.
  • Select Submit Payslip Requirement. You will be asked for your email ID. Enter this and click on Submit Requirement. After entering all your personal details, tick the box stating that you agree with our terms and conditions, and click on Continue to proceed. The next page displays two options- Print or Email. Choose whichever suits your need best. Enter your Name (required), Phone Number (optional), and Email Address (required).
  • To print off the payslip, enter the Confirmation Number if any, or upload a screenshot of the payslip if required.
  • Your payslip is available as a PDF in your email after a few minutes. For every document request, one needs to fill up the form at least three days before the payday it is not necessary for every person to submit their requirement at once but one can do so as per requirement during 3 days period from payday till the 10th day from the end of the month.


How can I know/download my BSNL salary slip?

Just log in to the HRMS portal and then enter login details then submit it, Now Click on Employee Self Service then Click on Pay Information. Then click Salary Statement. Download or Print the BSNL payslip. Click Previous Salary Statement to download your old salary slips.

What is ERP in BSNL?

ERP – stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a Software solution designed to fulfill the Enterprise’s needs, and organize all work/processes conveniently to meet the goals, by tightly integrating all functions under a common software platform.

How many times can I download my payslip from the BSNL ERP portal?

There is no limit for downloading or printing the salary slip of employees they just have to log in to BSNL and download their payment slip, but in case of site crash employees may not be able to download the payment slips.

Is there any alternate channel to download the BSNL salary slip?

When you submit your email address in your BSNL ESS portal login account, then you will automatically get the payment/salary slip every month as a PDF document to the registered email address.


The salary slip is a document that contains detailed information about your salary, deductions, etc. and it is important for you to keep copies of this document. It can be downloaded from your employer’s portal, or if you are an employee of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the salary slip can be downloaded from the HRMS login portal.

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