Solutions to POF Not Sending Verification Code

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POF, or Plenty of Fish, is a popular dating website that requires users to verify their accounts through a verification code sent via text message or email.

Sometimes users may sometimes experience issues with POF not sending the verification code, preventing them from accessing their accounts. If you’re having trouble receiving the verification code from POF, here are some solutions that may help you fix the problem.

Solutions to POF Not Sending Verification Code

1. Check Your Mobile Number Email Address

One of the most common reasons behind plenty of fish not sending password reset or Verification code is the Incorrect Mobile Number or email address you provided. Make sure that you have entered the correct information in the verification field, and that there are no typos or errors.

2. Wait a Few Minutes

Sometimes, it can take a few minutes for the verification code to arrive. Wait for a few minutes and check your phone or email again to see if you have received the verification code.

3. Check Spam Folder

Sometimes, the verification code may end up in your spam or junk folder, so make sure to check these folders in your email to see if the verification code has been delivered there.

If you find the POF verification code in your spam or junk folder, mark it as “not spam” or “not junk” so that future verification codes are delivered to your inbox. This should ensure that you receive any future verification codes from POF without them getting filtered into your spam or junk folder.

4. Resend the Verification Code

If you haven’t received the verification code after waiting a few minutes, try resending the verification code. Click on the “Resend code” button in the verification field, and wait for the new code to arrive.

5. Restart

Sometimes there is some misconfiguration & bug with your device, which causes interruptions in running the POF app properly. So simply restarting your device could potentially solve a lot of problems with the Verification code.

6. Update the App

If the POF is not sending a verification code, it may be due to an outdated version of the app. Check for any available updates to the app in your device’s app store, and install them if available. An old version of the app also has a few bugs that why you should keep apps updated to the latest version it solves various problems of POF like plenty of fish not letting log in.

7. Contact POF Customer Support

If none of the above solutions work, contact POF customer support for assistance. They can help you diagnose and fix the problem, or provide you with an alternative way to verify your account.

In cases of POF not accepting phone numbers or Emails which may be due to, the creation of too many accounts within a given time period, and are being blocked.

8. How To bypass SMS verification of the Plenty of fish

To Sign you have to use a number, but there is a catch where you can use any number. You can use any temporary number to sign up and create an account on Plenty of fish without using your real number.


If you’re experiencing issues with POF not sending the verification code, there are several solutions you can try to fix the problem. Start by checking your phone number or email address, waiting a few minutes, or resending the verification code. If these solutions don’t work, contact your service provider or POF customer support for further assistance.

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