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How to Get Free Paytm Cash in 2024: Tips and Tricks

How to Get Free Paytm Cash in 2022 Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to earn some extra Paytm cash or make your first purchase with Paytm, you might be wondering how to get free Paytm cash from the popular digital wallet company. If so, there are several ways to do so.

In fact, this article will tell you everything you need to know about how to get free Paytm cash and how to make your first purchase with Paytm and earn free Paytm cash at the same time.

The best part? It is all totally legit. So, check it out and get your free Paytm cash today.

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What is Paytm?

PayTM is a mobile payment service provider which was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

It is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It offers mobile payments for goods and services on its app by using Indian currency (INR) as well as other international currencies.

The company also operates an e-commerce website called Paytm Mall. The company’s investor includes Alibaba Group, SAIF Partners, and Tiger Global Management LLC, among others.

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Best ways to get free Paytm cash

The days of 2023 are gone, and the year 2024 is knocking at your doorstep. Are you excited about the new year? Find out the following ways to earn free Paytm cash.

1. Download apps and games

Some apps offer rewards for downloading their app, while others have contests where you can win cash.

Here are some apps and games to earn Paytm cash

  • Earn easy
  • KingEarn
  • Cash Adda
  • PocketCharge
  • Solarearn
  • Quizee
  • Power earn
  • Frizza
  • Growfy
  • Payearn
  • Reward fox

2. Use the Swagbucks search engine

Swagbucks will pay you to cash back when you use their search engine like Bing or Google instead of the default one on your phone.

3. Take surveys

There are many websites that offer surveys you can take in exchange for money. These surveys will not give you a lot of money but they will give you plenty of money by which you can pay your bills.

4. Watch videos

You could watch videos to earn points that eventually turn into money.

5. Refer friends to products they might enjoy

If someone buys something through your referral, you get a percentage of what they spend without doing any work at all.

6. Fill out offers and surveys on social media sites

Facebook often has sponsored posts that require filling out an offer or survey in order to enter a contest or receive prizes.

7. Give reviews

Writing reviews on Amazon, Yelp, Groupon and other shopping platforms will give you credit in exchange

8. Answer questions online

Websites such as Quora allow users to answer questions in return for either monetary compensation or a reward

9. Sell items online

A great way to make some extra money is by selling items you no longer want via eBay.

10. Sell old textbooks

Textbooks are pricey, so it is worth looking around to see if anyone is willing to buy yours.

11. Check your spam folder

Sometimes you may find an email with a link to a free gift card or credits in your spam folder.

12. Become a mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers go undercover and provide feedback about customer service

13. Join crowdfunding projects

Crowdfunding projects connect people who have ideas with people who want to support them.

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Different ways of earning Paytm cash

1. Referring to Friends

Invite your friends, family, classmates, colleagues or neighbors to sign up on Paytm. You will get Rs 10 when they complete the first transaction of Rs 20 or more. This is one of the easiest ways of earning free Paytm cash.

2. Daily Deals

Sometimes, you can buy discounts or gift vouchers at discounted prices on Paytm. Please keep a lookout for these deals and grab them while they are available. Besides this, there are also giveaways that sometimes happen where you need to enter competitions in order to win Paytm cash. Make sure you have

all the details about this contest before entering it so that it does not end up being a waste of time for you.

3. Referring to merchants

The other way to earn Paytm cash is by referring merchants who want to sell their products on the platform. When you refer merchants, you get Rs 500 for every successful merchant activation.

Different apps that will help you earn cash without doing anything much

Here are a few apps where you can earn money by doing just a little bit more than what you were doing before.

1. OfferUp

This app lets you offer up your used items for sale or trade locally with other users. You will need to connect it to Facebook so that they can make sure everything is legit, but if you have got some things around the house that you don’t want anymore, this could be worth it.

2. InstaStock

If you have some unwanted clothes and shoes lying around, this is one way to turn them into some instant cash. You take pictures of the clothing, set a price range from $1-$30+, and then upload them onto InstaStock’s website.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks will reward you with points when you do certain tasks like watching videos and taking surveys. With these points, you can redeem gift cards for places like Amazon, Starbucks and Walmart. And as long as you use PayPal to make your purchases, you won’t have to worry about spending too much either.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found this article helpful. We covered a lot of ground, but the most important takeaway is that it’s possible to get free Paytm cash. Now go out there and make your dreams come true

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