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TikTok Success Story | How TikTok became $75 Billion Company?


Have You ever heard the nameTikTok? Of Course, you do. Right? But have you ever thought about how it Became the most Famous and valuable Company? How TikTok became $75 Billion Company? How a Simple app became the Most Controversial Topic? Why Different Countries and States Banned Tiktok? Let’s talk about the Success Story of TikTok.

Hello, lovely Readers! Siddhant here and Welcome back to this Blog. Without murmuring anymore, let’s Begin the TikTok Success Story.

What is TikTok?

You all are Familiar with TikTok and know this term very well. But Even though let’s know it more Closely and thoroughly. So basically, This is the Production of ByteDance Chinese Company. And this is a free Media Application for Creating and Sharing the short Videos available in 75 Languages.

It was Launched in China as Douyin in September 2016. And after one Year, in 2017, it Launched in other Parts of the World. For iOS and Android Operating System. Just after that Launch, It became the Favourite Video Sharing App among the Teens.

Story Behind Tik Tok(Most Interesting Part)

In 2014, two Chinese friends, Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang Decided to Build an Educational Application. Starting was an Educational App. They observed that the Educational Content on YouTube is huge in Size. So they Decided to provide the short Educational Content instead of a Larger one.

They thought that this will Help many Students and there is a Need for the same. They collected the Fund of 2.5 Lakh and Took 6 Month to Build that Educational Application of short educational Content Videos.

When they Launched the App, that wasn’t something to Create a Market for. Educational App didn’t get Succeeded. Now both the Friends start evaluating their Mistakes and their Idea. Finally, they were able to Understand that, the Educational Content wasn’t Sufficient in 3-5 Minute Videos as they were Focused about.

Watching Video is soo Simple Right? we Can watch Video as much as we Have time with No Extra Effort. But what about Creators? They need a huge Time, Production, Software, Animations, and Many more. And the Problem is, all Creators don’t have all these bunches of Function and Asset.

Now that was the Time to Change something in the Educational App Because that wasn’t Really Engaging because Creators was Unable to Invest the basic Required assets to Make a 3-5 Minute Video Content.

Once in a Train, He observed some Youngsters that they were Listening to the Song and at the same time they were Clicking their Selfie. And there was the Idea for the most Controversial Mobile Application, Musical.ly.

Idea behind Application like Musical.ly or Tik Tok

After Alex observed the youngsters, they thought that we Should Create something as Same as Listening music, Taking Selfie, Adding Stickers and adding the different Filters at the Same time but in the Video Format. The Idea was to Merge Audio Music with Selfie Video with special Filters and Adding Stickers to Create a Social Platform.

Now they didn’t have much more Time to Create the Readymade Videos. So they added all the Filters and Effects with Stickers and Launched it for the Creators to create their Video by Own, Sharing with Friend and having Fun.

Musical.ly Start getting Downloads. But still in Less Number. So they again had an Observation over it and Find the Lip Sync as a Solution. They added the Lip sync Technique to their Application and got a Huge Response.

Now that was the Time when a Chinese company, ByteDance spent over it. You will read the Details in some next Scrolls.

History and Some Stats About TikTok

TikTok was Developed in 200 days as Douyin and it rocked the Market in just one Year. It got 100 Million Installations in just one year. And one Billion Video Views per day. Douyin was Branded as TikTok after one year of Primary Launch when it launched out in the International Market.

After the International Release on, September 2017, TikTok became the number 1 downloaded app on App store (on 23rd January). TikTok has Been Downloaded 800 Million times worldwide and 80 Million times just in the US (Excluded China).

TikTok Success Story

It was now the only app to get such a Huge User base in a Short Interval of time. You have seen the Stats of TikTok that how it been Downloaded 800 Million times in just one Year. Now they didn’t Stop here at this Success Ladder. Because they were looking for more.

Merger with Musical.ly the Biggest Step in Success Story of TikTok

Musical.ly was a Shanghai Based Startup with a huge US teenage Users base. That is now Owned by ByteDance. ByteDance Spent 1 Billion Dollar ($1 Billion) on 2nd August 2018, to Own the Musical.ly. The Company was looking for more and more User Base and that’s the great step by ByteDance in the Success of TikTok.

According to the Data by CNBC, an Application Analytics Company (San Francisco), TikTok was downloaded more than 104 million times during First Half of 2018. The Most Valuable Company, TikTok, is now rolled out in 150 Countries with 75 Supporting Languages. It Exceeded the Number of Downloads more than that of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and became the Most Downloaded Application for that Period of Time.

Why TikTok Succeeded?

The Obvious question is, How this app Succeeded up to this stage? Because there are many social Platforms already in Trend. And the Reason is they kept in mind the Simplicity and Easy to Navigate User Interface.

The Developer of this Application seen that Facebook is famous for its Smoothness, Snapchat is Famous for its awesome Filters and Dubsmash is Famous for Lip Sync Functionality. So they realised that their Audience and User Need something new. So they Kept all the Features in a single Application i.e. TikTok.

Hence, the Application is with its Smooth User Interface, Awesome Filters, High-Quality Stickers and Of Course the Lip Sync Technology. Most Importantly, the application gives Independence to their User to Create Videos by Own. In the First app they Build, there was a Huge Requirement for the Creators and in the Other hand, Here Creators can simply Open the Camera, Make a Video, Apply some Filters and Done. Ready to Publish.

And that’s the Simple reason defining the Success Story of TikTok and why a Tik Tok became $75 Billion company.

You should Rise the Question in your Mind Here, How they Earn Money with this App?

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How the Free Application earn Money?

Here is a Big Question about TikTok is the Earning of the Application. You might have a Question how a Free Application Earn Money? So Let’s Have a Look at the Option Available for TikTok To Earn Billions of Dollar $.

  1. In-App Purchase: Application has an Option through which you can Donate Coins to the Creators you Like by In-App Purchase. You can Buy Virtual Coins and Donate it to the Creators. Revenue Goes to Creators, they Pay attention to you and You Feel Better.
  2. Funding: You Know that this Application has a huge User base and Of Course they get Funded. You can understand the Importance of Userbase with the Example of WhatsApp. A Free Application (WhatsApp) was Bought by Facebook by Spending $19 Billion. There wasn’t any Revenue Model for Facebook through WhatsApp, but that was the Price for User Base.
  3. Advertising: TikTok is not Serving Ads in their Videos. But Of Course, they can. Because the Application is Downloaded more than 800 Million Times, they can Call the Advertisers Anytime and Advertisers would be Very happy to Advertise on their Application.
  4. Campaigning: Campaigning is the way that could be the Earning source of Companies like this. And of Course for TikTok Too. In this way, the Company can Tie-up with other Companies and Run the Campaign together like ZeroChallenge by Red Chillies on TikTok.

So, Guys, That was a huge Success Story of TikTok. Share this Story with your Friends and Let them know the Success story of TikTok too. Comment below if you are a TikTok Lover. Let me Know. Thanks for Reading TikTok Success Story. Stay Tuned for More Such Hilarious Articles.


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