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Are you using your PC for Multitasking, Video Editing, Content Creation or Gaming? Here is the Good News for you that you would like today and It will also make your Day. Today I am going to Introduce you Thunderbolt 3, the Fastest USB Cable ever which can transfer Data with Light Speed.

Hey Lovely Readers! I am Siddhant and today in this Post we will get through the Details about the Thunderbolt 3 Technology. We will look to the Close Details about it and what it can do for you. So why to waste your Prestigious time? Let’s Get Started.

Thunderbolt is the Brand Developed by the Leading Chipset Company, Intel. It was First sold on February 24th, 2011, not as Thunderbolt, named as Light Peak. This technology uses the Type-C USB to connect the External Accessories to a PC. This is well known for its all-in-one Expertise. It can do Multiple Tasks with a Single Cable.

Detailed Introduction of the Fastest USB

Thunderbolt was initially Co-Founded by Apple and Intel, Back in 2009 named as Light Peak. And later, Thunderbolt was transferred to Intel. This technology was Introduced as 10 gigabits Initial Speed and 100 Gigabits as Final speed of transferring data.

And the Fastest USB Cable can be used to Connect two 4K ultra HD displays Simultaneously (At the Same time). It has Double Bandwidth to connect the external Displays, Graphics Cards, Cameras, etc at the Same time with the Single USB Cable.

Thunderbolt Can Communicate with the Speed of 40 GB per second. You can transfer any 4K ultra HD movies in less than 30 seconds. So Bump. Get your Gaming laptop to the Next Level by using this Technology.

Intel was declared that the Thunderbolt Equipped Devices will start launchin in 2010. Apple Launched its First Thundebolt 3 Equipped, Mac Book Air, in 2011. In some Further Scrolls, You also learn about the Technology Used in this USB. But Before that Have a Look on the Features Offered by this Tech.

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What Thunderbolt 3 offers?

Thunderbolt 3 is the Fastest USB ever and Offers different Convenience to your work for your Mobile PC to get you the Desktop level Performance. Let’s have a Loot at all the usability of this Amazing USB.

  1. 4K Video with Doubled Bandwidth: You can now Connect two 4K ultra HD External Displays Simultaneously. Get the Higher resolution with the Higher Detailed Picture Quality for your Pictures and Videos.
  2. External Graphics Cards: You can now add any External Graphics Card to your Notebook or any Basic level Performing PC and can Make your Mobile PC, a Desktop level Performing by adding the External Graphics Cards without a headache and Burden with the Fastest USB, Thunderbolt 3.
  3. Fast Networking through Thunderbolt Technology: Intel Stated that Thunderbolt can help you make the Transfer of files from one PC to another, fastest ever Before. You can now Transfer a 4K ultra HD Movies in just Less than even 30 Seconds. Just think it over, How faster it could be to Perform this level Task.
  4. The Gamers will now Rock on: Its the great pleasure for a Laptop Gamer to have the External Graphics Card for their Laptop to Perform well for the Latest and Higher Graphics Consuming Games now in their Laptop. So, Enjoy Playing your Favourite Games now in your Notebook PCs.
  5. 5K Video for greater Movie experience: I already have mentioned that you can Connect two Displays of Ultra 4K Displays at the Same time with the Same Bandwith. But here is another great and Surprising Feature I have to Mention that You can Connect a Single Display of 5K resolution. Yeah! Now you will enjoy watching Movies on your 5K Screens. Why not? Enjoy your HD movies and also Games on higher Resolution.
  6. Single-Cable Docking: If you want to get rid of the Messy wires from your CPU to the Different External Devices, Thunderbolt will let you get out of this Frustration. Thunderbolt 3 will let you have the Single-cable Docking to Connect your Multiple Devices with the Single Cable of Thunderbolt 3 USB.
  7. Fast Charging for your Notebook: The Type-C USB of Thunderbolt will get you the Fastest Charging Speed for your Notebook or Macbook. Technology can have the rating of up to 100W Charging with this USB. So you can Imagine how fast it would be.
  8. The Step towards 5G technology: Now after Looking on the Above Points, you should be Clear about its Speed. And that’s the Reason that the Thunderbolt Can be used to Establish the next Generation, 5G Technology.
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Now Have a Look at this Infographics to get the Better Idea about Thunderbolt 3. You can find this infographic also on the Official Web-Page of Intel. See the Infographic Below.

Infographic: Connecting to docks, displays, and billions of USB devices, the Thunderbolt™ 3 port does it all, providing power and a high-speed connection for full 4K video, single-cable docking, external graphics for gaming, and networking.

What Technology Does Thunderbolt 3 Use?

Initially, Thunderbolt was Rolled out in the Market with the Optical Fiber Technology, but Later on, It get the Mixture of Copper and Optical. The Only Purpose of adding Copper is to make suitable to Carry the DC current through it. Thunderbolt Can Carry up to 100 W DC current for Fast Charging of your Notebook, Mac book or any Type-C supporting Device with very Ease.

There was another Purpose of Combining the Optic with Copper was to make it Universal and Multi-Purpose for Everything. And this is also an Expertise of this USB along with its Speed and Usability.

Final Words for Thunderbolt 3

This is the highly appreciative Technology that Intel has Developed. Thunderbolt 3 let you Transfer your Data with the speed of Light. Are you expecting more from it? Its really great achievement for the Developers Just go and Buy this Amazing Type-C cable to get the Next level Performance with your Laptop.


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