Samsung The Wall

Samsung The Wall: Next Generation Display Technology


At the CES technology expo Events at Los Vegas, where the Tech companies show off there Latest Innovations, Samsungs unveils there most Impressive,awesome and Gorgeous Technology that is the Biggest Television Ever. Samsung nicknamed the biggest TV as ‘ The Wall’ and the smaller one as ‘the Window’.

Hello Readers, I am Siddhant and Lets Explore Samsung The Wall and the Window.

Most of the Television we See generally are like 55″ or 47″ that is Enough to make any Moment looks Real and Pretty Impressive. Right?

But in the Latest Technology Expo Events at Los Vegas Samsung Unveils something most Impressive and Eye Opening Innovative Television of 219″(Inch). Oh my God! Isn’t it too Much if we Talk about the Size of this Gaint Television?

Yes you heard it right Samsung Introduced the world’s Biggest Television ever that is of 219 inches and they Nicknamed this Television as ‘The Wall’ of course because of its Huge Size.

Expo Event

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Expo Events is being held to Introduce the world with a new, Latest and Greatest Innovation of different Companies. At this Event, the Top Innovation was Samsung The wall and The Window.
Are excited to know more about this TV? Lets read Forward.

Samsung the Wall
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

Technology Used in Samsung The Wall

Are you thinking that Company will compromise with the Picture Quality of this TV in order to make it Bigger? Let me Clear you, According to AnandTech, it will be the Better than Television with 4K picture Quality.

This Innovative Product of Company Uses Micro LEDs which consume less energy and Give a Brighter Contrasting Image Quality that is better than 4K Screens.

These next Generation Modular Micro LEDs Display harness Self-emmiting technology to Create elegant, Efficient and Powerful Screens that are liberated from the Limitations of existing Technologies.

Statement by Samsung Official about ‘The Wall’

“These Transformative TV Screens are Made up of Individual Modules of Self-emitive Micro LEDs, Featuring millions of Inorganic RGB microscopic LED chips that emit their own Light to Produce Brilliant colours on Screen.” -Samsung Stats in the Expo Event.

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They also Stats that, “The wall 2019 takes Personalisation to the Next level, with Modular Panels that Consumers can Position in any Size or shape to meet their Needs.”

The Window

Are you thinking that this is the First time when Samsung Invented a Rocking, Innovative and a Huge Display? If yes! You are absolutely wrong. Because Samsung has already Introduced another Huge Display last year which is Smaller than that of Samsung’s The Wall. And Company Called that ‘The Wall 1.0.

It means if you are not able to Fit The wall 2.0 in your Living Room, You can go for The wall 1.0. The wall 1.0 is as Large as 146-inches.

And……… Guess what? If Both the above don’t Fit for your Room, You can Go for ‘The Window‘ that is of 75-Inches Large in size and same in Feature as The wall has.

So Just Imagine you are Playing the Call of Duty or watching Your favourite Marvel Movies on such a Huge QLED Display, It sounds Good. Isn’t It? Comment below how will you Feel to Have this Display in your Living Room?

Conclusion (Verdict)

As we all Know that this is the Trend of Future we all are going to Have Gigantic TV in all of ours Homes. and the Present Box televisions will be as our Memory and our Next-Generations will not be able to Get Intracted with these Televisions. What do you think about this Awesome Innovation by a Leading Tech Company? Do Comment Below and Share this Article with your Friends.


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