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Meet ATLAS : The World’s Most Dynamic Humanoid


Last year a humanoid called Sophia gathered so much attention that I think didn’t deserve. I don’t know why people are so crazy about a chatbot. There are a lot of advanced and dynamic robots available in the market. Then why so much media attention for a script reader robot?

Ok leave, today my topic isn’t Sophia. Today I would talk about Atlas.

Atlas is a basically a humanoid robot and an American company Boston Dynamics has developed it.
U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has given the fundings for the research of this robot.

The company calls it the world’s most dynamic humanoid and I don’t have any reason to disagree. Have a look at this robot.

Future is here ATLAS Robot from Boston Dynamics#robots #robotics #robotic #futuretech

Gepostet von TechQuery am Donnerstag, 28. März 2019

Got Surprised?

No? Ok, what would you say about this?

The second video of ATLAS: The wold's dynamic robot. Have a look.#robots #robotics #tech

Gepostet von TechQuery am Donnerstag, 28. März 2019
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I think it’s enough to show why it is called the most dynamic robot. Now, let’s talk about and its technology.

Height – 1.5 m
Weight – 75 kg
Power – Battery
Actuation – Hydraulic
Perception – LiDAR and Stereo Vision
Joints – 28
Payload – 11 kg
Information Source: Boston Dynamics

You can see, that Atlas can jump and most interestingly it can do backflips. Even I cannot do that.

Does Atlas use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning ?

Anyone after watching this video would say that it is definitely using Artificial Intelligence that makes it able to do all these things.

Well, there is a twist. And the twist is that the company doesn’t make heavy use of artificial intelligence (AI) nor machine learning (ML).

Actually, Boston Dynamics makes use of very carefully hand-designed classic control laws. And the main benefit of hand-designed control system is: it doesn’t require to train robots.

It just uses strong mathematical calculations that guarantees of stability and performance.

But, there is an disadvantage also.

Well, this control system has many limitations. Robots with this control system can perform a limited range of tasks. And if you want to change the tasks you’ll have to redesign the control laws.

Is it dangerous?

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and robotics, there is always a concern about it.

Well, it is not going to be like transformers and not going to kill everyone at least for now. But, it is going snatch many jobs in coming few years for sure.

As Atlas is able to lift weights, jump, balance and most interesting and terrifying flips, it obviously going to improve in future. So there is always a concern about it.

While developers say that Atlas would be helpful in tough situations. It can be used where it is almost impossible for humans to work like fire, mountains and other rescue operations where there is a risk of life.


No doubt robotics and Artificial Intelligence is exciting especially for tech lovers. Because, these things are surprising us every next day.

Well, there are always pros and cons for everything. And robotics is not exception. Actually its a threat our own existence if not used wisely. So, We can’t just ignore these things. We should always keep these concerns in our mind while developing robots with AI technology.

Well, I want to know what do you think about it? Please write you opinion in comments and also share this with your friends.


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