Make money by Playing Pubg

Make money by Playing PUBG |$100 per day?


Have you ever wondered you can make money by Playing your Favourite Game? Can you feel you Pocket by Playing Games? Here are some Steps you can take to Make money by Playing PUBG, the most Trending Game of the Year 2018 and 2019.

Hello readers, This is Siddhant and I extreamly welcome you to this Blog.

I am 100% sure that you have heard the term PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground). And maybe you are a Crazy and Skilled PUBG Player. If you are, then this Post is for You.

You are Very Good and Skilled and Crazy PUBG player. Wasting your time Playing PUBG and gets nothing as Return. Its time to Change the Scene and Earn $100+ per day by Just Playing PUBG.

Note: I mentioned PUBG because of their Popularity but You can try any Game of your Favourite List.

How can you Make Money by Playing PUBG?

Well, we all Know how much Popular PUBG is. You have Just to take advantage of its Popularity. Show you PUBG Skills or teach someone and Make money by Playing PUBG.

Some Stats Related to PUBG

  • Released(Desktop) : December 2017
  • Mobile Released: February 2018
  • Developer: Bluehole, Inc
  • Publisher: Microsoft(Desktop) and Tencent (mobile)
  • Monthly Players: 227 Million
  • Daily Players: 87 Million
  • PUBG mobile players: 30 Million(active) 200 Million(registered)
  • PUBG Mobile Download: 246 Million times(iOS + Android)
  • Copies sold: 50 Million
  • People Played Yet: 400 Million
  • Xbox Players: 5 Million+
  • Peak no. of Players on stream: 3.2 Million
  • Total Revenue: $1.03 Billion(Android Excluded)
  • Revenue Crosses $100 in less than 200 Days
  • Banned Cheating Players: 13 Million
  • Downloads from China: 226 Million(33%)
  • Download from India: 8%
  • Avr. amount spend by PUBG players: $1.1 million

What Steps You can take to Make Money by Playing PUBG

make money by playing pubg
money pocket

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If you have a great PUBG skills you can also make your own Youtube Channel and Upload the Recorded PUBG gameplay screen on your Channel.

Teach your Audience some amazing tricks of PUBG. You can show your skill in PUBG and can teach people how to do so. Once you get the Audience base, There are so many ways to Convert them into Money. Like Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship.

Live Streaming

Stream your PUBG Gameplay screen on your Youtube Channel to get a close connection between your Audience and you. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money by Playing PUBG. You can also choose more Platforms other than Youtube to reach huge Audience.

Affiliate Marketing

As you already have a Audience base you can use the one of the most Profitable marketing arrangement called Affiliate Marketing. By which an online retailer pays you commision for sales or referrals. You have to promote their product and they will Pay you money.

You can try Promoting Products while Live streaming and even in recorded Gameplay screen and Place your Product affiliate Link in the Video or in the Live Chat while Live stream.

Whenever someone buy the affiliate Product through your Affiliate Link, You get a fixed percentage of Commission for the sell.


Just like Affiliate Marketing, this is also a better way to convert your Audience base into Huge money.

Whenever someone wants to Promote their Product on your YouTube channel or on other platforms, You can charge them money according to your Audience.

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Most of us Prefer YouTube more than a blog with Text in order to get information about something. But still, there are huge Blog readers whom you can convert into a source of money for you. This is the way you can Double your Revenue.

You can simply Create a PUBG themed Blog and Publish some engaging and helpful articles for other Newbies who just started Playing PUBG or wants to Enhance their Skill.

If you want to double your Revenue, Just Embed your Live stream Video Link in to your Blog post and you get Blog Traffic as well as Youtube View count at the Same time.


Do you Know, Facebook has started Facebook Watch Programme. If you watch Videos on Facebook, then you must have Noticed that there are Advertising Video between the Videos on Facebook. So in that way video uploader get revenue from Facebook for ads on their video.

You can get more Profit on Facebook watch because it’s about starting, So there is less Competition. Just Post the Recorded Gameplay Videos on your Facebook Page and start collecting the Revenue.

So that’s all for Know guys. You can also suggest me some awesome topic to cover. Let me know, in the comment section, Which method you think the best? Comment Below.

And for know, Share this Article with you PUBG lover Friends. And take Care, keep Sharing, Keep Visiting and Keep Supporting 🙂


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