17 thoughts on “(18/04) Hotstar Premium Free for Lifetime | Hotstar Cookies”

    • Sorry for the Inconvenience Vybhav,
      Please Recheck the Cookie (text) Field and Resubmit again. And also Make sure You Use Chrome Browser on PC and Yandex Browser on Smartphone in Order to do the Further Process. Must Visit Download Page after every 12 Hrs, Because I update the Cookie every 12 Hrs.
      If you Still Face any Problem, Let’s Connect on Facebook and get your Problem Solved.

    • Hey Shreyas!
      More than one User can Use the Same Cookies at the Same time but They won’t able to watch the Live Videos like live IPL matches or any Live Videos.
      You or any other User could use this Cookie to watch other Premium Videos like American Sows or any other that need a Premium Account Membership to Watch.
      I update the Cookie whenever needed So Check regularly for New Cookies.

      • AS far as i know….hotstar dosent support multiple screens….so will i be able to watch a premium video even when someone is already watching a premium video using the same cookies

        • Sorry to say that there is Restriction in the Premium Video I had tried after Your Comment.
          Thanks Buddy
          You can connect me on your Facebook Messanger and get a Premium Account or Method.

  1. it says Sorry, more than one premium video is being requested from this account. Please close other videos and try again. what do I do?

    • It shows this message because other Persons are already watching the Premium Video at the time you are Trying too.
      You can use the Premium account to watch other Premium Videos when others are not watching.
      But if you want a to get the Premium Account Separately only for You, Get in touch with me on Facebook.
      Anyway I am Adding 2 or 3 More Cookies.

    • Not at all.
      Actually, if you have an Account, You can share it with anyone without the Details like Password.
      It’s not Stolen just Created.


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