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Best Digital Camera | Best Camera for Beginners 2019


If you Decided to buy a Camera in 2019, then this is an Exclusive Post for you to help you buy the Best Camera for beginners. Before Continuing further Reading, Make sure you are a beginner and want to know the Best Digital Camera in 2019.

Hey Lovely Readers! Welcome Back in another awesome and Helpful Post that will let you decide which Digital Camera will Actually Suit You in your tight Budget. So let’s start the Review of Best Camera for Beginners.

Why You Need this Post Before Choosing the Best Digital Camera For Beginners?

Well! You already have a figure that there are Variety of Cameras with a Bunch of Features. Right? But it’s Pretty tough to Find the Best and Suitable Camera for you and of course your Budget too. So this post will Actually help you to make a Decision forward to Buy the Best Digital Camera in 2019.

In this Post, I will focus on the Beginner Photographers who want to Learn Photography for some Purposes. Also, keep the Spotlight on the Points to Keep in mind Before Searching the Best Digital Camera For You. Let’s Move to the Points that should you Keep in Mind.

Points to be lighted Before Choosing the Best Digital Camera

point to be lighted before buying camera

You might have different Purposes to buy a Digital Camera in 2019. Isn’t It? You might Decided to buy a Camera for the following Reasons:

  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Start learning Photography
  • Everyday Shoots
  • Travel Photography
  • Capturing your Memorable Moments
  • Want to be a Professional Photographer
  • etc.

Reasons could be anything according to your Need but the only Notable thing is You need a Camera or want to Start your Photography.

Here is the things you Should Consider accordingly before choosing a Camera.

Samsung The Wall: Next Generation Display Technology

#1 What is your Actual Need to have the Best Digital Camera?

The First Step to Choose the Best and Suitable Camera according to your Need is to know why actually you need it. Before Buying a Camera just think about your Need to have a Camera. Ask a Question to you.

Got the Reliable Answer of the Question? Now Let me help you selecting the Best Camera for You.

If you need DSLR for everyday shooting, you Need a Light weight and more Portable Camera to have the Ease to carry your Device. We will Look forward to choose the Light weight, easy to Hold and Portable Camera.

#2 What are the Other Accessories Compatible with your Chosen DSLR?

You are not gonna Upgrade your camera just after you Bought it. Right? So you need to select such a System which may Compatible with different Gadgets or Accessories. Make sure you choose such a Device which can be Compatible with different Accessories like Different Lenses, Tripods, External Flashlights, External Micro-Phones, etc.

If you want to Record Videos along with the Still Photographs, You must go for the Tripod Compatibility and External Micro-Phones. In-Built Micro-Phones of Camera are not much good to Record the better Audio quality and at the Time of Recording Videos, You will need that.

Features to Look for before Choosing Best Camera for Beginners

  1. Price: Price Consideration is Most Important to have a Look on. Because you shouldn’t buy a Gadget higher than your Budget. So Must check the Price before Looking for the Other Features of that Gadget.
  2. Weight: Must Consider the Lightweight Gadgets to have a lower burden to Carry it to the Different Places you want to Travel or Hike with your Friends or Family to Capture the Memorable Moments.
  3. Size: As like as Weight, Size of your Gadget also Matters if you Travel more likely or Carry your Gadgets to the Different Places.
  4. Durability: You should Check the body of your Camera and choose the Durable one. Because you are not Going to Upgrade your Camera just in 2-3 Months. Right? Also, look at the Warranty Duration Provided by the Company.
  5. Manual Settings: If you are Beginner and Clicking the Photographs in Auto Mode of Camera for now, you will be a Professional or habitual Photographer after a few months or weeks. So must see the Flexibility of the Manual Mode in your Camera.
  6. Image Sensor: There are two main types of Image Sensors and you had to choose one of them. CCD and CMOS. CCD is a cheaper one but CMOS is recommended.
  7. Auto Focus: This is the must-have Feature yo should look for. It will help you a lot while clicking Photographs. It will define the Subject and object to create a Difference. So must Consider Camera with Auto Focus.
  8. ISO: You would like to click Photos in Different Lighting Conditions and ISO is the only feature which will help you Capturing the high definition Images in Low-light or Natural Light or in any Lighting Conditions. You can Increase or Decrease ISO to manage the Exposure of your Photographs.
  9. Megapixels: I think you know the Importance of Higher Megapixels of Camera. Right? But in DSLR or Digital cameras with higher Quality of Image sensor, it does not need to have 48 megapixels in it. It will also work fine with 18 or 24 Megapixels because of it’s Larger Image Sensor.
  10. Frame Rate: This is the Most Important Feature if you are Buying the Camera for Video Recording. The Higher Frame rate like 60fps will give you Smoother Video than 30fps.
  11. Video Quality: Now in 2019, It’s a time of 4K ultra HD videos and you too should Look for the Feature of High-Resolution Images Quality and Video Quality. You are a Beginner and You can go for 1080p Video Resolution. It’s more than Enough for you.
  12. Video Stabilization: If you want to shoot your Videos outdoor or on the Shaky area, You will love this Feature. Because it will give you the Smoothness to your Videos.
  13. Menu System: You should have the Menu system Flexibility so you can Understand it Better and Without Too much Burden.
  14. Lenses: As I mentioned Earlier, You will be a Professional one Day. So you must have the Flexibility and Freedom to use Multiple Lenses to Your Camera for Multipurpose Photography.
  15. Brands: You all have heard about the Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. But you should go with the Company which Provides Better services to your Locality.
  16. Digital and Optical Zoom: For Clicking the Better Image resolution of the Distant Object, You must have the Better Optical Zoom as well as Digital Zoom. The Picture should not show any Blurry effect on the Image Subject and Object should be Blurred Enough.
  17. Focal Length: After the Zooming capacity of a Camera, you must have a Look at the Focal Length of the Lens you gonna use. Because focal length decides the Quality of Image after the Zoom and Depth-of-field too.
  18. Tripod: Tripod is not the must have the gadget to Learn Photography or Imaging. But you should Prefer the Camera with Tripod Mount in it to use it for Unshaky Videography. If you want to click the Distant Pictures with your Camera, You will have to mount your Camera on the tripod to get the Sharp Image. So go for it.
  19. External Flash: Also check whether it supports the External Flashlights or Not. And you can decide yourself. You can also use the In-Built Flashlight of your Camera but that’s not Good enough to have Bright and good Image in Low light.
  20. Warranty: Suppose you had a Problem with your Camera just after a Few months you Bought it. What you will do? At that time the Warranty of your Device comes in Use. So must ask the Seller for the Warranty.

Now, that’s some Basic Buying Guide Beginners like You. Now its Time to Move Forward and Look for the Camera which I have selected for you and that are Satisfying all the Above Aspects. Here are some Cameras which I have Selected. Have a Look.

Best Digital Camera for Beginners

The Product Link of these Cameras can have the Affiliate Link that will let me earn some Commission(no Extra Charges from you) if you Buy that Product through my Link. It is Highly Recommended and a Request too, to buy it through my Link. It will be my Pleasure to Buy a Cup of Coffee. 🙂

1. Canon EOS 1300D DSLR Best Digital Camera under 30K

  • canon-eos-1300d front Best Camera For Beginners
  • canon-eos-1300d upper front
  • canon-eos-1300d rear upper
  • canon-eos-1300d front flat Best Digital Camera
  • canon-eos-1300d upper View

Image Copyright Flipkart

Canon EOS 1300D is the best fit for the Budget and the Features you need for your Entry level. As it’s Comes with an 18 Megapixels CMOS (APS-C) image sensor that will give you a Sharp Image even you Zoom it out. And it also Gives a Wide field of View because of its APS-C size of Image Sensor.

Its Digic 4+ Image Processor will let you enjoy the Fast and Responsive Shooting with the Noise Reduction even in Low Light Condition Photography. It also have the 3-inch LCD Display (7.63 cm) with 920,000 dots and 170 degree wide View.

It also Comes with some additional Features like Built-in WiFi sharing and NFC sharing features. Its also has the Auto-focus and View-finder Technology along with the Remote Shooting Availability. If you want to buy a Camera in the Price range under Rs 30,000, just go for it.

What you think about this Camera? Is this the Camera which should be in the List of Best Cameras for Beginners or the Best Digital Cameras? Must give a Opinion in the Comment below.

2. Nikon D3500 DSLR [one of the Best Camera for Beginners ]

  • Nikon D3500 Best Camera For Beginners
  • nikon D3500 front Best Digital Camera
  • Nikon D3500 Upper Front
  • Nikon D3500 Side Front Best Digital Camera
  • Nikon D3500 Side View
  • Nikon D3500 Upper View

Image Copyright Flipkart

Nikon D3500 is comes with a 24.2 Megapixels and 23.5 x 15.6 cm CMOS image Sensor which will Lets you Capture Gorgeous Images of your Precious Moments.

It also has Video Resolution of 1080p with 60 fps that is Pretty Good to Record the Stunning and Smooth Video with Ease. Its wide angle View gives to the View of 170 degree wide on your 7.5cm TFT LCD.

It has a Wide Variety of Filters and Choices for your Videos and Photos to apply on. Its easy to use Menu give you full control over the quality and type of your Images. You can Easily Customise the Settings for your Portraits according to the Situation and need of your Images.

If you are Looking for an Entry-level Camera with Variety of Customisation in Lenses and Settings Available, just Go for Nikon D3500 DSLR. That will fit your better in Just ₹28,499 (21% OFF). Click the Below link to avail the Offer.

3. Canon EOS 200D DSLR Camera [Best Digital Camera?]

  • Canon 200D Best Camera For Beginners
  • Canon 200D front Best Digital Camera
  • Canon 200D rotatable screen

Image Copyright Flipkart

This is my Favorite Camera of this List Because Clicking Stunning Pictures and making High-Quality Movies will become just a fun for you with its 24.2 Megapixels APS-C sized Double Pixel CMOS Image Sensor. Its Image Processing with its DIGIC 7 Image Processor is just amazing.

With this Camera, you can Shoot stunning Images with fine details and minimal noise even in Low light, Night or Indoor with adjustment of native ISO up to 25600 that is expendable up to 51200. Not only ISO, it also has a variety of different Effects for the Video Recording with 50/60 fps.

Canon EOS 200D gives you freedom to Click your own selfie with the rotatable 3-inch LCD display. Also you can Click your Photographs by your own with low-energy Bluetooth Connectivity. Just connect your Camera with your Phone and Click Photos Remotely. Share your Photos around the world instantly after Click by WiFi and NFC sharing.

If you have Budget around 40,000-45,000, You can go for it. If you want some Discount Just get it through our Link and Grab your 10% Discount on Flipkart. Get it Here: The Canon EOS 200D DSLR Camera EF-S18-55 IS STM EF-S 55-250 IS STM

4. Nikon D5600 DSLR Best Camera For Beginners

best Camera for Beginners
Image Copyright Flipkart

Nikon D5600 Digital SLR can be best camera for beginners if you have a Budget around 45,000- 50,000. But here if you buy it through our Affiliate Link, You will get an Instant discount of 26% that is 37,999 of real Price [ 51,450]. This Camera has 24.2 Megapixels with CMOS Image Sensor. Which will let you Click an Awesome, Stunning and Gorgeous Pictures.

It also has wide angle Video recording at 1080p with 30 fps. It is a little bit Bulky and Heavier than the Above Cameras i.e. 450g but it has the Tripod Mount at its Bottom so you can Mount it on any Tripod.

The Feature I liked in this Camera is Its 3-inch TFT touch screen Display that is Rotatable and will help to Shoot you your Selfies stills and Selfie Videos. It also has so many Features you may like. So must check it for once.

5. Sony ILCE-6000L/B IN5 Mirrorless Camera

  • Sony ILCE-6000L/B IN5
  • Sony ILCE-6000L/B IN5 Upper Front
  • Sony ILCE-6000L/B IN5 upper view
  • Sony ILCE-6000L/B IN5 rear
  • Sony ILCE-6000L/B IN5 Upper front view

Image Copyright Flipkart

Sony ILCE 6000L/B IN5 is a Mirrorless Camera and is a Possession for both the Aspiring and Professional Photo shooters. Its 4D autofocus is a really awesome feature for the Detailed Images. Auto-Focus for this camera is extreme. Read Further and you will get the Answer why I mentioned this as the best Camera for Beginners

It also has the Image Processor of BIONZ X which is great for the Three times faster than any other Camera Mentioned above. It can split a Single Second thousand times during Capturing the Noise free Images without the unwanted Blurry Details. Can capture 11 Snaps in a Single Second at a Higher Frames rate per second.

It has a Versatile choice of Shooting Modes. Also, have a stunning 3-inch Tiltable LCD Display. With easy-to-use Interface and Menu systems. This Camera comes with the Wide range of Additional Features. It will be Far better to have a Look yourself.

And the thing I liked in this Camera is Its Price that’s just 40,490. But you can get 1% instant Discount if you Buy from this Affiliate Link. Get this Great Gadget in Just 39,990. That’s why it is the Best Digital Camera of this List.

So have you found your Required Camera for your Aspiring Photography Carrier? Haven’t You? Try the Cameras from the Below List. (Affiliate Link).

Sony DSLRs under 50,000

All the Camera I mentioned here is the Top best Camera for Beginners and Some of them are good for Professionals too.

Canon DSLRs under ₹ 50,000

These are the Best Digital Cameras for you. Just Have a Look at these and Select the best suit for you.

Nikon DSLRs under ₹ 50,000

Best Camera for beginners as above Cameras. But again some of these are the best digital Cameras for those who are real Professionals.

Hey Readers! It’s over Here. Have you got the best and Suitable Camera for you? Also comment the Name of the Camera, which you think, is not Perfect to be here in the List of Best cameras for Beginners or What cameras should be Added in the List of Best Digital Cameras? Must Comment. It will give me and our Readers too, an Idea about what you think? Thanks for Reading.


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