Android Pie Reasons why you will love Android 9

Android Pie: Reasons why you will love Android 9


Android Pie is the Latest Craze if we talk about the Latest version of Android. Recently Google has launched Android Pie and it became the Most desired Android OS. So let’s talk about the best Features of Android 9 that will make you love this OS.

Android Pie

Before talking about the Features of this awesome Android Update, Let’s Talk about the Release.

According to Wikipedia, Android 9 is the 9th Major release and the 16th version of the Android Mobile Operating System. Released Publicly on 6th Aug 2018. Its a successor OS of Android Oreo 8.0 and got the latest update on 4th Feb 2019 i.e (PQ2A.190205.003).

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Android Pie Awesome Features

Now you might think that what is the reason to make a Android user crazy about this update? To make you clear, now let’s talk about some best Features of Android Pie, Android 9 or Android P.

New look for notification tray on Android 9

In the Android P, there is a latest and new look design for its Notification Tray. The clock moved to the Left side of the Tray. The quick settings item has been removed from Drop-down. The number of Setting Icons has been minimized to 4 for the better look in smartphones with Notch. Android pie uses Rounded Corners, wherever possible.

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Color Independency for Android Pie Update

Now with the Android 9 Update, you got the independence to choose the colors for your Notification Tray and Navigations. There in the Settings of your Android, you will get the Various colors to choose with for your Notification tray or Navigations.

Do not Disturb for your Android P

This is the latest inbuilt feature of Android 9.0, that let you switch your Phone in Do Not Disturb mode without any Burden. After enabling this feature of Do Not Disturb, your all distraction will be off.

Typically Everytime you get a new message, your Phone beaps and Lights get emitted but After enabling this feature, you won’t feel any Vibrations or won’t hear any beaps or even your phone will not emit the light.

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Volume Preferences for each Audio Devices in Android Pie

One of the most favored feature. In this feature you smartphone will remember the Volume level of your selective Audio devices. Let be more Clear by Example.

For example, You connect a Bluetooth Audio Device “A”. and used it for volume level 5. Now you connected another Audio device “B” and used on Volume level 15. And then if you reconnect you Device “A”, this will automatic select the volume level 5 that you used before.

Lockdown Security Feature for Android 9

Lock down feature of Android Pie is added to improve the security of your Device. In this feature, you can only unlock your phone with your Recovery PIN.

Face ID, Fingerprint, and all the addtional Security Settings will not enough to bypass the Unlock screen. To enable the Lock down Security, Long Press your Screen lock Button and click On Lock Down.

Gesture Navigation for your Android Pie

Most of the Smartphone Companies trying to replace the traditional Navigation Buttons and its turn for Google to Replace the Navigation Buttons with multiple Gestures in Android 9.0.

Official Dark Mode in Android P

Again one of the most Demanding Feature. Yes, android user Demanding this Feature for years. Finally Android P 9.0 has this awesome Feature.

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This feature will let you choose whether you want to use Dark Mode, Light Mode or Let your Phone Decide whether to use Dark or Light Mode.

Multiple Bluetooth Audio Connections

Now you can connect up to 5 Bluetooth Audio devices at the same time in Android P. After connecting the Bluetooth devices you will able to switch between them flawlessly. So rock your Party with your Smartphone.

Rotate only if you want

Most of us may use auto Rotation feature of Android, But now, this has changed a little bit. Now your Screen won’t rotate without your Permissions anymore.

Whenever your Android Pie detects the Screen rotation of your Phone, it will show you the Button in the Navigation bar to Rotate. If you click on the button your Screen will lock the Rotation and it will remain in the same Position until you click again on the same Button.

Digital Wellbeing

Android P has a feature that will show the stats of uses per day and uses of whole week which will help you understand that how much time you used a specific applications.

So you will now able to record and control your time wastage on social media and other Platforms. This feature also show you some Light gestures for the Day and Night. Deem light at Evening and Bright Light in Morning.

Automatic Hotspot Disable Feature of Android 9.

In Android 9.0 there is a new feature in your WiFi Hotspot which will automatically disable/turn Off the Mobile Hotspot if it detects that devices are no longer Connected to it.

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Auto Stop App Permission

Recently some researches declared that Facebook is Spying on their user by using App Permissions of Microphone, Cameras and many other Features.

Android Pie is no longer can be spied by such cheap Permissions. Because Android 9 will automatically stop all the Permissions just after you close the Application.

Also, Android Pie will automatically block the Permissions of the app which are not required for that app. Thanks to Google.

Magnification Glass For Selected Text

Whenever you select a text in your browser or some other app the selected text will increase its Size and it’ll look Larger than its original size. This is the new feature that comes with the Android Pie Update.

So these were some Cool and Awesome Features of Android Pie. Do let me know which one did you liked Most and will you Prefer to Upgrade your Smartphone to Android 9.0 Pie?

Comment below your Answer and let me Know. also Share this Article with Your Friends and let them know these Awesome Features.


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